O'Higgins - Ó hUigin - d'Eguino

Uí hUigin - Ó hUigin - O'Higgins - Higgins

Clan Poet

Clan Poet - James F. Higgins of Nebraska, USA

In 2009 James F. Higgins of Nebraska was appointed by the Chief of Clan, on the recommendation of the Clan Council, as Clan Poet or in Gaelic "Aos Dána"

We are very grateful to James for allowing us to publish some of his poems here for the benefit and enjoyment of his fellow kinsmen and women.

Medals (October 2015) 

Earrach (April 2015) 

Climb Aboard (April 2015)

That Wondrous Time (April 2015)

Everyday (January 2015)

To Them (November 2015)

Venus and Mars (November 2014)

BJ - Big John (October 2014)

Thoughts on Memorial Day (April 2014)

Four and Three (April 2014)

Every Year (March 2014)

Dying Art (February, 2014)

"Fall" (October 2013)

"Thomas" (August 2013)

The Peak (November 2012)

Who Will (Jan 2011)

Smiles (April 2011)

Republic (September 2011)

Flagpole (October 2011)

That Special One (October 2011)

Michael D (November 2011)

Streetlights (December 2011)

Old Man Winter (Jan 2010)

Round Two (Feb 2010)

Dead Ends (Feb 2010)

The Next Step (Feb 2010)

Just A Glimpse (March 2010)

Magic (April 2010)

Health and Cheers (June 2010)

Until (June 2010)

Gone Now (June 2010)

Daid (July 2010)

Be Free (Aug 2010)

MT. Prospect (Aug 2010)

Silence (Sept. 2010)

The Bread Basket (Oct. 2010) 

Shared (Nov. 2010)

Simple Things (Dec 2010)

'Tis There (Sept 2009)  

The Causeway (Oct 2009)

Bacon and Eggs (Nov 2009)

Saibhras (Nov 2009)

We are grateful to Denis Kirby of Cork who sent us this poem written in the 1930s by his relation Sr. Philipa (Kathleen) Higgins (1880-1935) who was a Loreto Nun in India and a sister of Kevin O'Higgins, the first Irish Minister for Justice.

Trade Depression by Mother Philipa (Kathleen) Higgins IBVM